Welcome to the Expansive Healing!

Expansive Healing in Seattle offers services to assist you and your life’s journey. Either it is you, your home or your business, all the services are aimed for your soul to expand. There is no limit to your abundance. Rather it is you who is limiting yourself from expanding to a fully capable individual as you truly are. The services include spiritual healings/energy healings, clairvoyant readings, house and living space clearing, and business space consulting. Also, Online Meditation recorded classes are now available. This meditation class is aiming to teach you many energetic tools to help you navigate your life circumstances. It is to help you learn the basic tools, so you can handle easy time and challenging time in life easier and better. Your awareness changes, you can manage and handle your energy better, and you’ll be more and more closer to as capable as who you really are. Let me assist you to expand to be whom you truly are!


Upcoming Workshop and Classes
“How to Shift Your Stress”
I’ll use several basic energetic tools and the energy law (law of attraction, law of allowing, power of emotions, etc.) to remove and shift your negative thoughts. You can learn and take home the technique to use for anything to bring in more positives and abundance in your life. Come join my first remote workshop!

  • Dates:
    • June 2017 Class Tuesday nights 7pm-8:30pm PST (6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27)
    • July 2017 Class Monday nights 7-8:30pm PST (7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31)
    • August 2017 Class Monday nights 7-8:30pm PST (8/7, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28)
    • September and future 2017 Class dates TBD
  • 4-weeks, 90 minutes each week
  • Remote “live” workshop via Uberconference call
  • Fee: $125

Inquire or register by email at naosan.healing@gmail.com or call 206-486-4677


Meditation I, Meditation II, Meditation III
Learn the energetic tools to help you navigate your life easier throughout the day! I’ll teach you many energetic tools in the guided meditation style. You can apply these energetic tools in all the situations in your life!

  • Dates: TBD
  • 4-weeks, 90 minutes each week on each class
  • Remote “live” class via Uberconference call
  • Fee: $125

Inquire or register by email at naosan.healing@gmail.com or call 206-486-4677


15 minutes Basic Energy Cleansing
I’m happy to do the quick basic energy cleansing by phone or skype if you’re interested in the basic energy healings. It’ll be a short session of clearing your aura, chakra and energy pathways. It would be a good introduction of the energy healing if you’ve never tried healings or readings before.

  • 15 minutes remote (phone, skype, Uberconference call or complete distance healing)
  • Fee: $26 per 15 minutes remote session
  • By appointment only

Book a session at 206-486-4677 or email @ naosan.healing@gmail.com.


Business Space Consulting
Do you want to expand your business by increasing profits or project expansion? Your business is influenced by many different factors. One of the major factors is you. Are you aware that your thoughts might be limiting your business from expanding? As a small business owner, I’m constantly working on my limited beliefs which is blocking my work from expanding. Identifying what’s blocking your expansion and removing your limits and your old thought system free your business to expand.

Another factor can be the energy sitting in your physical business space. Are you aware that the old energy in your business can slow your business down? As I go to the gyms to do the Zumba classes and go to people’s home to do healings, I’m aware that space clearing definitely helps lifting up the flow in many ways.

What’s blocking your business and you from expanding?

House Call: $120/hr (pro-rated $100/hr)
Remote: $105/hr (pro-rated $100/hr)

*Business Space Consultation is done both remotely and by house call.
*Depending on the size of the business and how much energy is involved, it may take longer than 1 hour. If it takes longer than 90 minutes, we may divide in the multiple sessions.

For more information, call me at 206-486-4677 or email me at naosan.healing@gmail.com.