Sources of Low Energy

Happy Friday! That’s right, it’s Friday again! Normally, Friday is one of my busy day of the week, but I have a day off this week. I had a car break down situation last week and I requested the subs for all the Zumba classes this week. Friday classes were the first classes to be taken which I’m very grateful. Wednesday and Thursday classes weren’t taken at the Tuesday afternoon point, but I got a new car on Tuesday afternoon. So, I taught those classes and decided to just give myself some break today from all happened the last couple of weeks. Hence, I’m writing a blog while I’m eating chicken tikka masala I made last night! Today, I’ll write about the sources of low energy.

The source of low energy can be many different reasons. If you are not eating enough for your body, that’s definitely a source of low energy. So, you’re too focused on losing weight and not really taking a look at the bigger picture for your body, that might be a caution. I understand very much from being a gym goer for decades and have seen all the psychology and emotions around body with people. I’m no different from you on that. However, I’m consciously watching how my thoughts and emotions rise. Normally speaking, focusing on my body figure only is not me or my style. I have a bigger picture around life, earth and universe that focusing on momently visible body is too small of the picture. So, I do get a typical, “Man, my belly needs to be worked on” is there of course. But, I do wipe out that thoughts to a positive ones such as “thank you for working for me 24/7,” “I love how strong and quick you move for me when I dance,” etc.

If you have a physical illness, definitely that is a cause of low energy. So, it’s really a good idea to check with your physician or trusted healthcare professional of yours. When body is sick, all energy is taken by healing the body. That takes a lot of energy. Your health definitely comes first no matter how your surrounding is demanding.

Another source of low energy can be stress. Well, let me explain this better than “stress.” Stress actually means a lot. It is the energy not being able to flow in your energy field. It is you going upstream instead of going downstream. It is the off balance in your life, i.e., in your energy field. The cause of stress can be anything, but the main thing is that your balance in energy is off. That’s stress. As you know, stress definitely keeps your energy in low grade.

Another source of low energy can be someone taking your energy. Have you heard of energy cord? Energy cord is a cord connecting between the two, typically one person to the other. Energy cords are not bad thing and it is a normal function of the energy system or bodily matter. When we talk or communicate with someone, we do use energy cords to communicate. The thing is that the energy cords should disappear after the task is done. So, when your communication with your friend is done, the cord should dissipate and disappear. The energy cord which isn’t too cool is the one which doesn’t disappear, has a specific intent from the corder, and the cording is not mutually beneficial or mutual agreed upon. I had, and sill have, very strong, persistent energy cords lately, so that’s why I thought I would share this with you.

I’m a healer and am very good at pointing out what’s going on with energy for my healees and readees. When it comes to my own life, I’m sitting in my own energy field, so it’s really hard to see and get a bigger picture. I have been having a very rough time energetically since probably Memorial Day weekend. I deal with so many different stuff as a healer and also working on myself, so I didn’t pay too close attention to it.

I have been waking up every morning with heavy, dark energy and have taken me a couple of hours or more to clear out every single morning for a while. I thought it was from my new healees/readees (which happens sometimes), was from the clairvoyant class I’ve been assisting, from the Zumba gigs or …. I never ever took a close look to see if something was really odd because I have too many usual suspects.

I started to pay attention if something was going wrong was when I started to hear from the people at the gym that I’ve lost weights. Ok, I do Zumba fives classes in three days. Sometimes I do six classes per week. That may be the cause of losing weight you think, but you don’t know how much I eat. I eat probably two servings of what normal females eat. I eat several times a day. If you catch me at the gym after Zumba class, I’m always eating. So, losing weights from teaching Zumba is not really a good logic if I’m running my life as usual.

Sure enough, my shoulders look stringy which made me look like a deep fried turkey. One day, I weighed myself and sure enough, I weighed so much less than when I was working out seven days a week doing step class for years! Man, what a heck? Still, I couldn’t figure out what’s going wrong. Do I need to see a doctor? Is this because I’m going through a huge growth period? I started to do the detective work for myself.

While I was still not sure what’s been going on, I decided to clear things which are not serving for me in life. I think my instinct was going for something. When I decided to take a look at a relationship I have been having, sort of, I still felt that this half ass thing was really not doing good in my space. So, I did healing on the relationship with that person, then bingo, it clarified what’s been going on. Healing doesn’t mean that you feel better right after sometimes. If something needs to be really worked on it, things get like tornado. I didn’t know that was going to happen and it did. I got flooded by this person’s pains and energy. No matter how I cleared up, this person’s energy never ever left or stopped coming.

When I got a reading from the clairvoyant graduate students, i.e., my healer, clairvoyant colleagues, it was clear that this person has been cording me everywhere. Very sneaky but very surely. I had a past life with this person and this past life was a very hard one which is making the cords to come to my space more strongly. Everyday, I spent my clearing time by removing cords from this person. Every time I removed his cord, I was in tears with pains because his pains gushed into my space each time. I’m still working on it, I’m sure, but not to that degree. It’s getting less and less.

While this was going on, I was losing appetite, so I wasn’t eating well. When someone cord you in your third chakra which is around your stomach region, it’s restricting and causes some intense pains in some cases, so I couldn’t eat well. So, here is the cause of weight loss. I couldn’t eat well while doing the normal Zumba gigs five times a week. On top of that, energy cords drain out your energy. Actually this person was taking my energy to be more precise.

Now, does this person know what he was/is doing? Probably not. People do things unconsciously. People have many reasons to hold onto someone. If one has a great fear and someone whom one could hold onto or borrow the strength, one might cord the other person. I really thought I was in the deep shit because my body was slipping from the equivalence. I was losing the grip of my body and it was really scary.

Healer doesn’t mean life is easy nor knows everything about what’s going on in life. Being an empath can be a very blindsighting. I’m normally good in terms of my healing practice and people in general, but once people come close to my life cycle, it can get blindsighted. I mean who would have thought that someone I don’t really meet or talk would be holding onto me for life while no actual life-death crisis isn’t there? Anyway… as much as it’s been rough, it seems to be going somewhere.

I’m not here to scare you, but I’m just spelling out what I’ve experienced. That’s the purpose of my blog to share my spiritual, energetic experiences in my real life, so you can have information. What do you do when something like my case happens? Well, for sure check with your doctor to make sure your body doesn’t have some major problem. I’m not here to program you, but getting a reading or healing gives you information. Even if it might be just pointing out what’s going on energetically, that’s a good information to have.

So, the take home for you is to pay attention to you and your body. If it’s not doing well or something is off, dig. You’re the only person who can take a good care of yourself. Also, remember that the universe is always supporting you, so all the help you need in time should be available to you as long as you’re open to it.

With that, have an amazing weekend! Yes, I’m going to enjoy my new Naomi mobile! 😀

Create and Destroy

Happy Friday! It’s almost Saturday and I should be in bed by now normally. I’ll write before I got to bed tonight. Today’s topic is about destroying phase and creating phase in life.

June has been very challenging for me. I think it started around the end of May, probably around the Memorial weekend. I couldn’t figure out what was up honestly but every morning I woke up with thick energy sitting in my energy field. So, normally my morning meditation and clearing is my peaceful time, but morning this month has been very rather ill feeling. I didn’t know but maybe I was already starting the phase of destroy phase in life.

In order to create a new in life, you have to destroy. I wrote about removing the olds in order to bring the new. It’s the same thing. Sometimes, removing will do. Sometimes, it’s more of destroying in order to create a new thing in life. It’s like life-death cycle. In order to give life in your life, death happens. I’m not talking about someone dying here.

This week, I’m letting go of a friend who hasn’t been good for me. I won’t go too much in details since I know that I’m still in the middle of this process. I still get this friend’s energy gushing into my space and I haven’t had a peaceful space quite yet. I took an action and since then, it’s been really hard for me this week. My empath has been really strong and opened up last few weeks, so I’m super sensitive. I can feel this friend’s energy and it’s really painful because this friend has so much pains. Since I’m an empath and I do care about people, it’s really challenging to let go of someone no matter how it is for my highest good.

While that’s happening, my car broke down on me last night on the way back from a Zumba class. My stress level is way up because of that. I mean, I’ve been having some eating problem from letting go of my friend matter to start with, car breaking down on me is something. I almost thought of cancelling the Zumba class tonight, but I rented a car and went to teach Zumba. If you look at monetary value, that’s probably not the move you do. However, there is more than monetary value in life’s energy circle and I decided that I’ll take the invisible portion by doing so. Now, I have to figure out what to do with my car because I don’t think I’m willing to fix it. Me breaking up with friend; my car breaking up with me….

So, here is the destroy phase. I’m letting go of my friend. I’m also letting go of my good old friend, car. In order to create a new, next best abundance in your life, you have to destroy which are not working for you. My car was definitely ending its life. My friend was sucking my energy out of my life. In fact, I felt like I’m losing my will to live since it’s been so hard with energy gushing into my space. So, I need to let go: destroy phase.

Destroy phase isn’t fun at all. Sometimes you don’t even know if it’s the right thing because it’s a mess and it really doesn’t feel good. It feels awful more likely. Though, when this phase is clear, you have a space for creating a new. Creating the most suitable, next best abundant, new in your life.

When you’re in the destroy phase, don’t be discouraged. It’s not that the universe is against you or bad things keep happening to you. You have to destroy to create a life. You can always ask support from the universe because the universe is always supporting you no matter how you feel. It shall pass. This phase shall pass. Then you get to bring in a beautiful life in you.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! Oh, graduation is always life-death cycle, isn’t it? You complete and you start a new! 🙂

When You Lose Your Grip Or When Something Has Grip On You

Happy Saturday and happy graduation! It makes me think when I graduated the last.. 10 years! Wow! That long! I wrote a blog thinking that I’m free to do something else; however, the topic again rings. So, instead of holding onto the thoughts for the next week or letting go of this, I’ll write it since I got “write about it.” Today’s topic is when you lose your control, what can you do?

I’m forming a class titled “How to shift your stress.” It’s a four-weeks remote class. When I had a really rough time last month, as I going through the process of getting out of the intensity, I had a thought to share how to do in such time. So, I’m doing the class this month, July and August. I’ll continue later on, but I’m not sure the time and dates after September. I might put another form of class, too, so with that, I’m not sure how the schedule works out. I shall let you know.

Anyway, with the thoughts and curriculum of how to shift the energy in you, today was one of the rough day for me. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be that way today, or I accidentally did something to bring it on to myself. Either way, I had one of those dark and thick energy stuck in my space. I have the energetic tools and most of the time, I can clear things out even if it takes more time. Today, I wasn’t sure if I could clear at all. I clear stuff and then when I did something else, the energy came back on me. I started to lose control of my sanity since I just couldn’t clear it out.

I probably mentioned in a couple of the posts ago, but nothing really freaks me out at this point except, when energy doesn’t leave my space no matter what, I do get freak out. Imagine your energy field, aura, chakra and body get thick tar kind of energy sitting in it big time, and no matter what, you can’t remove. If it’s just tar sticking on your skin is one thing, but this tar affects everything in your energy system. My thoughts get absurd. My body is exhausted. My day gets ruined pretty much since nothing can be done except trying to remove this stuff; otherwise, energy gets worse and worse. Anyway, I’m sure I had something like this before, but not too often any more. The last time I got something similar to this was when I started to take over so many classes at once and I started to listen to the complaints from the people in the Zumba class.

Before that, I think I used to have this kind of stuff a lot more often long ago, especially around the time when I started to show up to my teacher’s school. It wasn’t easy at all. I didn’t have tools or experiences to start with. Thinking back then, if I didn’t find my teacher’s spiritual classes, I wonder how hard my life could have been. Anyway, the point is that it was really tough today.

I even emailed my teacher to get some input on it since I just couldn’t shift it. Some people probably call, but I tend to email people unless I’m bleeding to death. I really don’t want to put anyone in the situation of being rushed, pushed or obligated. I know how that energy is like since I get those sometimes from my healees. Besides, I have tools, so I can work on it myself meanwhile. As much as I was quite desperately in struggle, I was working on it one tool at a time.

When everything I could do and the tools I have don’t work well, it’s a little scary. So, I was removing my fear as well. I did again and again start from the basic, one tool at a time, one aura layer and chakra at a time to clear myself. When things got cleared at a moment, I took off to the water front. I knew the energy wasn’t completely clear and I wanted to have nature’s help, too. The drive to the water front was a nightmare, though since everybody was driving!

When I arrived at a water front, as I sat to meditate, I had a subtle thought or rather idea. I double checked with my muscle testing and I got “yes.” So, I decided to say “hi” to the person who seemed to be the source of this tar energy. No response expected, but I said “hi” and simple wish for a good day. That’s all. As soon as I did that, my head tar started to clear up really quickly. My chest tar was leaving. My neck was mobile. While I was noticing that and was also clearing up the energy, I had some strong voices in me telling me something.

The voice was something like this. No matter what, no matter how nasty people could have done to you, no matter what the circumstances are, you never ever want to lose your love and light. You never want to lose your connection to the pure love and light. As I heard it, I nodded and tears were surging. As I opened my eyes, I could feel some energy was still in my space, but it was so doable. That’s my normal daily life of clearing energy sort of tone.

At then, I put my hands in my heart chakra and repeated to myself. No matter what, I cannot lose the connection to the love and light. If my action or inaction is disconnecting myself from love and light, I’m in the wrong spot. I cannot lose my light in my spirit. Tears were still surging up.

As I drove back to my home (or rather Trader Joe for my dinner ideas), I was grateful that I could clear up the tar energy from my space. I don’t know what the fact and what actually brought this in my space, I was grateful that I was connected to the light. Then, I had this reminder of no matter what the circumstances, I can never come from the place disconnected from love and light. Even if I want to just end whatever the source creating the situation, I do from the space of love and light. I think that message to say “hi” and my doing so was coming from the higher vibration. Vibration of love, forgiveness, light, all that.

So, when you’re losing the grip in your life or something has grip on you, do me a favor. Love and forgive instead of holding a grudge or resisting. I wasn’t aware of holding grudge myself today since I was just fighting to remove the tar energy. But, obviously it wasn’t love and light. So, when you’re in the scary spot in life, keep connected to the love and light. If necessary, forgive. Do that for yourself.

With that, have a beautiful graduation weekend! 🙂