Upcoming Remote Classes

Happy Monday! That’s right, the weekdays have started! I wish you’re starting a good week! I’ve been out all morning and was out to review my remote class structures this afternoon. Then, I decided to post the upcoming remote class information on my blog post. I know that people who picked up my business cards and brochures would look the home page, but the people who would read blog probably won’t go to the home page as a default. So, here we go! I’m holding two upcoming remote classes. One is called “How to Shift Your Stress” and the other is called “Energetic Tools for Sensitive People.”

I decided to create these classes, so I can introduce the techniques I have learned throughout the years from my healings, readings and spiritual (invisible) practice. I use these tools daily, some more frequently than the others. All are to help my life, my work, myself, my evolution as a persona and as a soul. I learned many tools from my healing teacher; however, I’m adding my applications through my own journey. My sensitivity is different from others and then what I create has to be my own style.

“How to Shift Your Stress” class is a four-weeks (one month) remote class. I can only dip into the surface of the technique in such a short period of time; however, you can get started to shift your stress, i.e. your energy, thoughts, and emotions. This class is to teach you how to shift your current not-well-serving vibration to more suitable vibration to you.

I’ll use two main techniques: one is by introducing a few basic energetic tools to help you release the unserving energy and bringing more suitable energy into you and your life. I’ll introduce the energetic tools one at a time and by the end of the four weeks, you hvae a few tools to work for you together. Another technique is by utilizing the law of the universe, the energy law. By identifying your current energy vibration (emotions, thoughts) and then gradually shift your vibration to more downstream vibration. I’ll combine the both technique each week to show you how to shift your stress vibration.

“Energetic Tools for Sensitive People” class has three parts: part 1, 2 and 3. Each parts consists of four-weeks (one month) curriculum and three parts are in sequential. These classes are to introduce you the basic energetic tools in detail, so you can take home to use in your real life. I use these tools more than once a day. It makes a huge difference in life. These are the energetic basic tools I learned for the first time from my healing teacher. She holds a class named “Meditation.” I decided to change it to my style because I’m very “sensitive.” I probably can relate and assist sensitive people because I’m such.

I’ll introduce the energetic tools one at a time in a guided meditation style, so by the end of the whole series, you have accumulated tools working for you at the same time. Those energetic tools are to help you grounded, remove unwanting energy, bring your energy back, protect your space, set your intention and goals, separate your energy and not yours, and most importantly to bring and own your space and personal power. It is a gradual process and the shift is also gradual as well.

You can take one part and see if you would like to continue to the next sequence. It’s up to you. Some tools are better than nothing!

Each class starts the second week of August (August 7 Monday and August 10 Thursday). If you’re interested in learning the techniques and energetic tools to help you navigate your life easier, join me! Each class is $125 per four weeks (per month) and 90 minutes on each week. I’d be thrilled to witness your journey because I can guarantee that all who have learned the techniques shift small or big.

For more information or register, contact me by email at or call me at 206-486-4677!

With that, have a wonderful week! 🙂

Nothing But Joy and Amusement

Happy Easter! It’s Easter Sunday, guys! I want to do the egg hunting with kids! It sounds like a fun thing to do on Easter! I was working on the new song selection for the next couple of weeks Zumba gig and I really enjoyed some of the Zumba video clips! I have to say that Beto, the originator of the Zumba, is a joyful dancer! It makes me want to dance and smile by watching him dance! I think that’s what Zumba attracted me for. I wanted to create a fun and joyful class, not the beat and blood type of fitness class. Anyway, with that, I couldn’t resist to write about joy and amusement.

When you have so much joy and fun, life is lighter, right? Yeah, that’s for everybody. But, life gets stressful and things get very challenging from time to time. Are you waiting for that stressful time to pass and after it passes, you’re planning to have fun and joy? Yeah, I know I sometimes think that way, too, but it’s the other way around. When life is rough and tough, you really have to bring your joy and amusement up more.

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the energy coming out of others which is not necessarily their energy. I realized that I do need to add one thing on that. When someone is vibrating in low vibration, one has a vibration which is not their true vibration in his/her space, then the similar energy comes into that space. It can be just energy. It can be beings, spirit, entity, whatever you want to call it. Because I do the healing work, I do get all sorts of energy coming into my space. Sometimes, it can be from my healees I have sessions, could be prospective who are thinking about contacting me or pondering about my service, could be just acquaintance, could be totally unrelated to my personal matter, etc. So, I tend to spend lots of time meditating and clearing my energy field because it just doesn’t feel good.

The trick is, though, if you focus on the darkness, even if that’s for the clearing purposes, all of your energy is focused on the darkness. Meaning, your thoughts, your feeling, your life can get darkness if you are so focused on it. Of course, you do need to address what needs to be changed, cleared, or removed from your space or your life; however, if you’re only focusing on that, your life and thoughts get very dark and depressive. I can guarantee you on that.

So… What should you do then? Make sure you have the good positive dose of vibration for yourself everyday. You listen to the Dr. Oz or your personal doctors who would tell you to take vitamins or to get sun for vitamin D, right? Why not doing the same thing for the positive vibration dose for you as well?! The more you feel bitter and stressed, the sure sign that you need joy and amusement in life. Have you noticed that you are feeling jealous on someone for no reasons? Then, check if you’re having good enough dose of fun and amusement in life. If you have a joyous life, there is nothing you feel jealous about other people.

I sometimes wonder how cool to be working at an ice cream shop. People come to the ice cream shop, smiling, giggling, so excited, old or young, then they look so happy having your ice cream! Oh my gosh! Would it be nice if your work is like that? People are so happy to have your creation and smiling, giggling, having fun and then having gratitude even! Man, that is a super work space! I don’t know if people in the ice cream shop all think that way, but I feel that way every time I visit ice cream shop.

I wrote that my Zumba gig was taking so much out of me and I wasn’t having a good time around February and March, right? Sure enough, I wasn’t having fun. Though, it was a good learning process for me. It made me realize what I wanted to create in my Zumba gig because of that process. Now, I don’t really go back and force pondering what I can do or I need to do. Right now, I’m having a pretty good time. I’m back to having joy in my Zumba gigs like I used to when I was taking the classes from other instructors. I make faces which is a good sign (because that’s what I do when I’m myself). I pick up songs which make me feel good and want to dance. I pick up choreography which is easy enough to teach and for others, but more importantly makes me want to dance. So, I’m getting on the track! Joy track!

I’m not just saying the impossible, people. I know the energy of low and dark vibration is impossible for you to have fun and joy. However, it’s not impossible. You just haven’t tried out shifting the vibration focus. On some days, I start my morning impossibly dark and low. I can’t even get out of the bed when the dark vibration is pushing down my body and head. But, I pull myself up and start meditating so I can remove those low vibration which isn’t mine. Moreover, I do focus on imagining and picturing the positives which make my face smile. It can be a funny clip. It can be just imagining your wish really coming true in your hands. Then, the lower vibration gets loose and easier to remove. The more amusement you have, the easier time you’ll have to shift your energy and clear your energy.

With that, have an amazingly joyous Easter Sunday! 😀

Love Instead of Hate

I was going to skip blogging this weekend, but the same topic keeps showing up from the morning. So, I’d better write about it! Today, I’m going to write about my family dynamics and what I learn again and again from it. It’s all about healing and changing ourselves but not necessarily others. It’s nothing to do with others changing.

My family lives in Japan and I’m basically singularly living in the US away from my original family. My dad has passed, so my mom who has Alzheimer’s lives in the city I grew up in and my sister also lives in the same city. So, when it comes to my mom’s matter, I have to rely on my sister. I do my best in the non-visible realm, but what matters to the most of the people is the visible matter. So, my sister has lots to carry. I wish I could help, but I’m thousands miles away across the ocean.

When my mom got the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, I used all the spiritual healing tools to shift my family to move my mom out of the house to the group home. I visited them in order to do that. It wasn’t easy since I hadn’t associated with Japan or Japanese at that point, so it was literally doing things in the foreign country, i.e. Japan. Besides, my sister is the one who has to do the physical action. I have been taking the position of behind the scene advisor, meaning, energetically move things in order to make the physical matter happens. I probably haven’t gotten any credit for that, rather I probably have been accused of not doing things at all.

When my sister needed my help around my mom, things were quite all right. We have connected unlike it has ever been. A few years later after my mom has settled in the group care home, the intense need around my mom’s situation has dissipated. Then, the old, the history of my relationship with my sister started to surface more strongly.

My sister is a half sister, my dad’s. When she was little, her mom left my dad and my sister. When I found out about it as a kid, I empathized my sister and took it on. I gave all the excuses of my sister’s mean, bully behaviors toward me as she has a good reason to behave such. That’s the little kid me’s comprehension. As I grew older and do spiritual work on myself, I do see more than that. My sister’s situation was never my fault to start with and there is no reason for me to take responsibility of her wounds.

Since I’m a very sensitive intuitive, without communicating or hearing, I see and understand what’s going on with my sister. She has more and more soreness around me lately and she is very resentful of me. Even though I do love my sister and my mom, it’s never been easy for me to be around ever since I was little. It’s again getting like that especially this year. Funny thing is I live in Seattle, far from their breath. Still, I sense and feel the soreness heavily sit in my sister. I wish I could fix it but I can’t. I’ve tried many ways. I can’t change her. I can’t heal her wound because it’s not me to fix. It’s her wound.

It’s August and I wondered how my sister was doing. I, of course, wonder how my mom is doing. Though, I check with her spirt to spirt and I’m cool with my mom because I can connect with her spiritually. When I thought of emailing my sister, but I had this bitter feeling in my chest, I didn’t like it. So, I decided to do something around it without my sister involved. I then did the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer meditation.

I have done the Ho’opnopono prayer around my sister many many times. Though, since I noticed the bitterness in me when I thought of her, I thought I could use it again. I closed my eyes and set my meditation tools. I placed a rose representing my sister and said to the rose, “I’m sorry.” Some heat was showing up around my chest. “I forgive you (in Ho’opnopono, it’s actually “Please forgive me” but I do differently on this).” Again, something stirred up on my third chakra. “I love you.” My throat was tight. “Thank you.” Again another heat showing up in my body. Then, I opened my eyes. I didn’t have the bitterness in my chest any more.

So, this was a reminder for me. When I feel sore about someone, no matter how wrongly that person might have been toward me and no matter how unreasonable someone might be, I can always work on myself. Instead of feeling angry, bitter, jealous, inferior, sad, etc., I can clear those feelings and energy from me, then I wouldn’t be lighting up from that person any more. Instead of wanting someone to behave differently and being hurt, I can change how I operate and feel. Love is much higher and stronger vibration than hate or anger. Forgiveness heals us more than anyone else.

If you ever have any sore feeling toward anyone or any situation, try the Hawaiian Ho’opnopono. You don’t have to know the details. Each mantra, as you can probably sense, has a deep energetic vibration. If you’re hurt, work on you to change the soreness. You don’t even have to deal with the person at this point. You can just do the work on yourself. It’s really amazing to know how much of our emotions are only stirred up from our own. The person who lights you up is just helping you to get rid of that energy from your space.

Choose to love yourself and all instead of vibrating low! ❤